Do you keep having a reoccurring plumbing problem that is costing you money and time? Even after multiple bottles of store-bought “drain clearing solution”? Oftentimes, plumbers and store-bought drain cleaners provide only general and temporary fixes, not permanent solutions to your problems. This is especially true with drains. It is one thing to clear a clogged drain; it is another to completely fix the drainage problem so that complications don’t recur.


Many plumbing solutions also require breaking down the walls completely to access pipes and drainage. Which once again can leave a hefty gap in your wallet.


How are we different?

We at The Plugged Piper do things a little differently! Most of our services is done keeping the integrity of your environment, accessing the pipes without breaking your place, so you won’t have the hassle of restoring the area after we’re done.


We provide these definitive solutions to all drain issues and are equipped and specialized enough to service both commercial and residential sectors – from small homes to massive construction projects.



Our team of professionals can pinpoint and identify the problem in the drain using different equipment such as CCTV cameras to ensure we tackle the problem from the root! We also specialize in odour removal, hydro jetting and repairs. All this while making sure we’re keeping minimal excavation!


Plumbing emergency? We got you covered with our 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency services!



We bring our professional equipment to your site, locate the problem with CCTV inspection and go right to the site of the obstruction. Our testing equipment and skilled staff ensure the repair is done quickly and efficiently. Safety is a priority on all job sites, but of course in the case of sewers, it is under the job site. When entry into a manhole is required for repair or inspection, we have the harnesses, the tripod (recovery gear), the air testing equipment and the trained employees to safely carry out work below ground.


We have plumbing solutions for all types of jobs and sites! Stop wasting your money and let’s find you a permanent solution that will last.